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Zwiększ potencjał biznesowy swojej firmy, dzięki nam i systemowi ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (dotychczas Microsoft Dynamics NAV)

See what elements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system you can use to improve work in your company.

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Business Command Center

The increasing complexity of the processes taking place in the company, as well as the changing legal environment meant that traditional accounting software ceased to work. And yet financial and accounting management must be based on reliable and up-to-date data! In the 21st century, most of my work still involved entering data from documents manually into subsequent accounting and HR systems. I was strongly limited by the lack of integration with other areas in the company, and thus the lack of access to up-to-date and correct information.

From the consultants responsible for the implementation of the ERP system, I learned that after proper design of the processes, over 90% of accounting operations are automatic.

Despite the initial skepticism, it turned out that in my company we managed to achieve a similar result without major organizational changes. The system is currently responsible not only for automatic accounting, but also handles cash flows, thanks to the integration with electronic banking, and automatically generates and sends e-invoices or requests for payment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives me a number of very practical tools, and here are the most important of them:

  • automatic handling of bank accounts
  • the suggesting payments function, as well as automation of settling receivables and liabilities, ordering transfers and their posting
  • automatic calculation and posting of exchange rate differences
  • handling VAT and Intrastat declarations and generating a Standard Audit File for the purposes of fiscal control
  • access to updates - thanks to the regularly updated Polish system functionalities, the company is prepared for all changes in the law

The warehouse with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is the heart of the company

As my business grew, the warehouse operations became more and more complicated. This is where the most important processes - sales, production and financial - began to intersect. Warehousemen, apart from the basic record keeping tasks, had to provide a lot of information influencing the company's operations. The times when the Warehouse was simply a place to store supplies are long over.

Basic warehouse processes can be shortened by up to 30%

The ERP 365 Business Central system made the Warehouse a true operational center driving development and generating profits. Some processes are automated, which significantly reduces service time. We reduced our stock levels, eliminated errors, and reduced the costs of in-warehouse logistics. The warehouse space is optimally used because the system itself suggests the best allocation of resources. Thanks to this, the warehouse has become a place that earns money, and warehouse workers can handle even the most complex logistics processes of the supply chain.

After implementing the ERP system, my warehouse is able to meet the challenges of modern logistics. This is influenced by:

  • just-in-time inventory management
  • cross docking
  • high-bay warehouse management
  • automatic selection of fast-moving goods
  • optimal use of warehouse space, reduction of the costs of inventory relocation within the warehouse and between warehouses as well as shortening the picking time
  • automating the allocation of inventory between locations
  • mobile warehouse management
  • barcode system

Hello! See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has increased the quality of service.

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